About Hibernate Training

Hibernate is the most popular object-relational mapping framework for Java environments. Object relational mapping in large enterprise applications is difficult. In this class, students learn object-relational mapping concepts and the various issues and options available in Java to address object persistence. With these fundamentals, the course then explores the basics of Hibernate object persistence and configuration. It also digs into the details of Hibernate mapping, queries, transactions, and concurrency.

This course is loaded with lots of hands on examples and deals with maintenance and performance issues. After taking this class, developers will be able to build faster, more flexible and easier to maintain application persistence layers with the Hibernate framework.

Hibernate Course Prerequisite

Hibernate Training Course Content Objective

Hibernate Training Course Duration


ORM (Object Relational Mapping)

Hibernate Resources

Hibernate Architecture

Installation and Directory Structure

Hibernate Data Types

First Application using Hibernate

Hibernate API

Object Life cycle in Hibernate

CRUD operations using Session methods.


Primary key Generators

Hibernate Query Language (HQL)

Joins in Hibernate

Batch processing and Native SQL

Criteria API

Criteria with projections

Inheritance Mapping

Component Mapping

Custom Mapping

Collection Mapping

Association Mapping


Connection Pool

Transactions and Concurrency

Hibernate Pagination

Hibernate Filtery

Hibernate Interceptor

Connecting with Multiple Databases(Oracle, HypersonicSQL)

Integrating Hibernate with Servlet

Integrating Hibernate with Struts

Working with Hibernate Annotations

IDE: Eclipse, Netbeans